Strategic Partnership with Shadowbox

AIMA and Shadowbox, Inc. are proud to announce a strategic partnership to optimize and automate workflow for our customers to improve their bottom line. Our mission here at AIMA is to transform the commercial operations of healthcare businesses by increasing revenue, reducing overhead, accelerating payments, and eliminating friction in the billing process. Together, AIMA and Shadowbox improve every revenue cycle stage, automating manual tasks while securely integrating data transfer from systems outside the frontier of the provider’s ecosystem. These solutions help healthcare providers decrease overhead costs and enable clinicians to focus on patient care. 

Who will the strategic partnership help?

Whether a diagnostic lab, healthcare provider, or ancillary service provider, AIMA and Shadowbox collectively increase your revenue and cut costs by reducing denied claims and eliminating manual data entry while dramatically reducing IT workload and support requirements. Both companies are designed from the ground up to optimize workflow, provide white-glove customer service, and give customers a competitive edge.

About AIMA

AIMA is a flexible, bespoke revenue cycle management solution that delivers consistent results for every healthcare specialty—transforming commercial operations by achieving a fully optimized healthcare business for a more profitable and efficient future.

AIMA revenue Cycle Management Medical Billing metric figures

“Shadowbox is a disruptive technology with the power to transform healthcare commercial operations across the industry. Unlike traditional solutions, Shadowbox enables instant-on integration and workflow automation for a vast majority of our customers and their clinic EHRs.  Utilizing Shadowbox ensures better quality data at the front end, which AIMA can use to drive even faster payments and workforce efficiency. Combining our technology increases revenue, reduces friction and enhances patient care.”

Aaron Liston, AIMA CEO 

Aaron Liston - Owner & Director of AIMA Business and Medical Support

About Shadowbox Inc. 

Shadowbox Inc.

Shadowbox is a ground-breaking, patented integration and automation platform built for healthcare. Offering instant integration and automation across the healthcare ecosystem by powering a browser with security, AI, and user-driven cross-application connections.

“AIMA’s revenue cycle management solution is top-notch. They offer a customer-centric approach that delivers real results through cleaner claims eliminating backlogs and administrative burdens. We are excited to partner with AIMA to improve healthcare operations through secure automation and integration.”

Gregory Stein, Shadowbox CEO and founder.

Future plans for our strategic partnership

Both AIMA and Shadowbox will offer their respective solutions to their customers, launching a coordinated go-to-market in Q4 2022. For more information regarding this winning combination, contact Jack Frontczak – Director, Strategic Partnerships

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