AIMA Celebrates 25th Anniversary

AIMA 25th anniversary in healthcare business

Join us as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. Since 1995 the world has changed immeasurably, and yet we have remained true to our healthcare roots and core values of trust, quality, ethics and reliability. Our reputation is synonymous with stability and professionalism, even in uncertain times.

We give sincere thanks to every single customer, partner, team member, and colleague with who we have worked with over the years. For a quarter of a century, AIMA has operated with our eyes wide open to opportunities. As the healthcare environment and our customer’s needs have evolved, so too have our operations and offerings. With agility, we harness the latest technological advances and some of the industry’s brightest minds, to provide efficiently cost-effective solutions, always bespoke to individual needs.

Reflecting on our anniversary and the last 25 years, AIMA CEO, Aaron Liston comments,

We have come a long way from the early days with a tiny office in the spare room of our family home. Today we are a multi-national company with over 200 team members. Yet, I still feel we are intrinsically a family business who genuinely care and support each other towards a common goal. Lasting, trust-based partnerships will forever be at the heart of AIMA. We will always be accessible, ever-present and totally committed to finding expert solutions to the challenges faced by our customers.”

One happy AIMA customer, Dr Varesh Patel of Advance Family Practice, Florida, observes,

“AIMA has helped us to increase our revenue by 17%. The impact they have had on our practice is significant. We are markedly more efficient in all areas of the business. With their help and support, we work smarter, not harder. Our scheduled weekly catch-up is excellent. It is an appointment that I never miss, no matter what. Our dedicated AIMA team update us on the figures, collection rates and any potential issues. I have absolute confidence in their abilities.”

The AIMA mission, now and in the future, is to transform the commercial operations of our customer’s healthcare businesses. Our core services are revenue cycle management, healthcare technology solutions, and resourcing and infrastructure services. Solo and group physician practices, surgical centers and laboratories across the US form our growing customer base. Above all, we aim to increase our customer’s business revenue, reduce overheads and ease payment bottlenecks leading to speedier reimbursements.

Vice President of AIMA Global Operations, Patrick Richmond insists,

Nothing gives me greater pride than seeing AIMA help our customers to realize their full potential. We continually guide them to increase their revenue and cash flow to achieve greater commercial security. Unburdened of the day-to-day revenue cycle management processes, AIMA enables our customers to invest in their people, patients and facilities, for a more efficient stress-free life.”

To celebrate our silver anniversary, we will spend the next twelve months fondly reflecting on the past 25 years and sharing our route map for the next quarter-century. Watch this space for some exciting announcements and news of collaborations as we give back to the communities we serve.

For more information about AIMA and our services, please contact the AIMA team today.