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Meet the AIMA Team

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Meet the AIMA Team. Get to know the AIMA team as we help our clients to optimize the business of healthcare with expert revenue cycle management.

Aaron Liston - CEO

Aaron Liston - Owner & Director of AIMA Business and Medical Support
“We have come a long way from the early days with a tiny office in the spare room of our family home. Today we are a multi-national company with over 600 team members. Yet, I still feel we are intrinsically a family business that genuinely cares and supports each other towards a common goal. Lasting, trust-based partnerships will forever be at the heart of AIMA. We will always be accessible, ever-present and totally committed to finding expert solutions to the challenges faced by our customers.”

Meet Aaron

Privately educated in London, England, and a graduate of Bournemouth University Business School with Honors, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from several business specialities to the company.

Aaron began his career in the IT sector, working with IBM in London. This renowned world-class organisation provided Aaron’s business experience foundations, exposing him to mid-market business requirements and large-scale operations.

In 2010 the opportunity arose for Aaron to enter the family business, becoming the second generation to join the AIMA Group. Starting from the bottom up, Aaron worked on the company’s operational side in the USA, UK, Philippines, India, and the Far East, where he gained deep insight into cross-cultural management and building important and interconnected business networks. Aaron spent much of this time understanding operational efficiency in process-driven industries such as healthcare, education and recruitment.

Aaron eventually took the operational lead of the company in 2014 after four years of working in different areas of the business. From this point, AIMA started to diversify its operating model and customer base to the industries and service lines in which AIMA works today. Aaron saw a great opportunity in the US healthcare sector. He re-focused the organisation to quality-driven administrative/business services support, drawing on AIMA’s business roots and contacts to aid the transition whilst tailoring the services offered to current market needs.

This strategy has proven very successful and resulted in continued financial growth for the company year on year. Aaron oversees the development of AIMA to where it stands now at a headcount of over well over 500 people.

As well as the US healthcare market, Aaron has been responsible for expanding AIMA’s operations into the international legal and general business services industries.

Contact Aaron Liston

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Patrick Richmond - Vice President of Global Operations

Patrick Richmond - VP Global Operations AIMA Business and Medical Support
Nothing gives me greater pride than seeing AIMA help our customers to realize their full potential. We continually guide them to increase their revenue and cash flow to achieve greater commercial security. Unburdened of the day-to-day revenue cycle management processes, AIMA enables our customers to invest in their people, patients and facilities, for a more efficient stress-free life.”

Meet Patrick

Overseeing all global group operations, Patrick works extensively with our broad client base. Over the last few years, he has implemented many key strategic initiatives that have facilitated an increased capacity to scale our operations and brought about a dramatic increase in revenue.

With a career spanning 14 years. Patrick qualified as a lawyer in 2008 and spent several years working in London, England. Following a brief period of travelling and working abroad in East Africa, Patrick diversified his education by completing his MBA from the University of Warwick, England.

Patrick brings a wealth of experience to the team, joining us from the UK’s National Health Service where he dedicated his time to leading national quality improvement initiatives, project management and creating collaborative relationships with hospital trusts. As well as his legal experience, Patrick retains six years’ experience in healthcare consulting, project management, strategic development and quality improvement.

Patrick has played a crucial role in AIMA’s transition to a proactive financial advisory organization. He has instigated the use of market-leading business intelligence and automation technology to help our clients optimize their healthcare businesses

Contact Patrick Richmond

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Nate Wright - Vice President of Business Development

Nate Wright AIMA VP Business Development
“It is with great pride that I am part of the AIMA team who are industry renowned for results-driven services, cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer care. The healthcare sector has the potential for exponential growth, and AIMA is firmly part of the success trajectory. I love helping existing and new clients to optimize their business operations and enhance their revenue in ways they haven’t yet imagined.”

Meet Nate

Overseeing all sales and business development activities in the US, Nate maintains, bolsters and grows AIMA’s client and customer relationship base in the United States. He leverages his unique combination of project and account management skills with his ability to build and maintain networking alliances to ensure that our client relationships develop into lifetime partnerships.

Before joining AIMA, Nate spent 14 years learning the ideal ways to build networks, prioritize business relationships and develop extensive client and customer collaboration. Following his graduation from the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, Nate began his career in the mortgage and financial services industry.

Nate then moved into the medical industry, beginning in healthcare management with Maxim Healthcare, one of the leading healthcare providers in the United States. He progressed into a Business Development position in the laboratory industry with Personify/Mackenzie Ryan, one of the fastest-growing and most awarded RPO and Executive Recruiting companies in the nation. Here, he specialized in networking with companies and people working in hospital and physician labs. Throughout his career, Nate has continued to build his expertise in project launch and project management, relationship brokering and partnership creation.

Utilizing our groundbreaking technology, unbeatable pricing strategy, world-class service and dedication to our partners, Nate and his team drive AIMA towards exponential growth over the next decade and beyond. Reach out to Nate for more information and to learn how we can optimize your healthcare business.

Contact Nate Wright

US (919) 551-8235

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Sudheer K L - Senior Operations Manager

Scott Jones AIMA Senior Operations Manager
“I am excited about the future of AIMA, especially within the realms of software solutions and process automation. Internally we have a potent mix of industry knowledge, technical capabilities and passion for excellence.”

Meet Sudheer

Sudheer heads up the day-to-day delivery of AIMA’s core services. He oversees a network of teams with varied specialisms in revenue cycle management, software development, process automation and customer care.  Since joining AIMA, Sudheer has been instrumental in advancing company-wide efficiency and quality management and building a strong teamwork ethos.

An Alumnus of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Sudheer joined AIMA in 2015 with a prestigious 15+ years track record with healthcare IT services giants, including Dell International Services, AQuity Solutions, and HeartlandKG Information Systems.

Sundeer strongly advocates a process-oriented approach that guarantees consistent service delivery. He is passionate about growing expertise and knowledge sharing within his extensive team. A certified ISO external auditor from TUV-Nord, Sudheer has led many Six Sigma projects in the healthcare service delivery domain. He believes in the fundamentals of the ISO framework in standardizing processes and engendering continual efficiency and quality improvements.

Contact Sudheer K L

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K.D. Pakootas - Compliance Officer

K.D. KD Pakootas Compliance Officer AIMA AAPA
“I have worked in payer contracting and credentialing requirements throughout my career.  The growing complexity of healthcare rules is why I became a Certified Professional Compliance Officer.  There are always more questions than answers, and my goal is to resolve provider issues to get customers reimbursed for services rendered. I enjoy helping customers provide new services or adapt their processes to grow and achieve more significant business optimization. Here at AIMA as Compliance Officer, I am responsible for analyzing payer policies in collaboration with our specialist RCM teams to ensure our customers prepare for any changes in reimbursement rules and regulations.  I avidly research state and federal regulations, especially for customers who plan to expand their services. My work enables AIMA to stay one step ahead of any payer changes and facilitate seamless reimbursement for our customers.”

Meet K.D.

K.D is a Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO) and Certified Professional Coder (CPC), both accredited with the American Academy of Professional Coders AAPC and a member of the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA).

K.D. has worked in the healthcare industry since 2006. Her determination and love of helping people have driven her to grow through training and professional progression. She has worked for a revenue cycle management company, a Federally Qualified Health Center, and a Tribal Government. Her expertise covers all areas of healthcare, including Skilled Nursing, Dentistry and Optometry.

Throughout her professional career, K.D. has demonstrated a natural ability for solving complex problems and completing special projects. Personal achievements include managing a clinic’s transition from paper-based to digital file management. Most notably, developing a series of electronic billing processes whilst adapting the electronic health records system to comply with payer requirements for file uploads.

Contact K.D. Pakootas

US (919) 766-8767

Jack Frontczak - Director, Strategic Partnerships

Jack Frontczak AIMA Director Special Project Stratgegoc partnerships RCM healthcare billing
“Establishing meaningful, long-lasting partnerships built on integrity and dependability has been the AIMA priority since opening our doors in 1997.  We make it our business to listen, clarify, and provide our clients with the best solutions.  With that goal in mind, our strategic partnerships division was born, and we are thrilled to have Jack Frontczak as our divisional director. Every day, the dedicated team under Jack’s expert guidance explores, assesses, and collaborates with organizations to provide specific and additional value to our clients.  Forming relationships with new partners is inspiring for all involved. All parties benefit as we work towards complete business optimization and customer satisfaction.”  

Aaron Liston, CEO, AIMA

Meet Jack

Leading the strategic partnerships and special projects divisions, Jack dedicates his time to pursuing potential partners and opportunities to generate profound value for AIMA clients.

Jack draws upon a biomedical background, a diverse professional network, and industry consulting experience. He provides a unique perspective, and AIMA clients can be confident that all commercial associations and introductions will offer solutions and services aligned with our core values.  Furthermore, each is subject to thorough research and vetting to meet our exceptionally high standards for quality and compliance.

With a degree in medical technology, Jack spent 12 years in sales and business development networking across all 50 states. Professional successes include bringing products, services, and solutions to nearly every sector of the healthcare industry.  His natural ability to form relationships, understand a client’s needs, and develop skillful solutions led him to a career in consulting before joining AIMA Business and Medical Support.

AIMA harness Jack’s extensive professional network, strong communication skills, consulting experience, and ability to form partnerships to provide global opportunities for our clients and partners.  Jack is committed to building a more formalized network encompassing AIMA clients and partners where collaborations seamlessly evolve and provoke significant benefit for all involved. Please contact Jack if you are interested in participating in such a network.

Contact Jack Frontczak

US 586.925.2109

Nick Bruck - Business Development Manager

Nick Bruck AIMA business development management healthcare revenue cycle management
“AIMA is a very different organization from anything I’ve ever experienced before. Our team shows total dedication to our client’s growth from the top-down. We seamlessly onboard new clients and connect them to our laboratory and wider healthcare business network. We have the passion and the resources to stay current with trends in the reimbursement world and provide financial, coding, and efficiency audits to optimize our client’s commercial operations. Every day, I witness that AIMA provides an expert medical billing service that increases revenues, but we also take CARE of our clients”

Meet Nick

Before being welcomed into the AIMA team, Nick worked for a molecular diagnostics and applied testing company. His role involved building relationships with hospitals and clinics to serve their infectious disease and obstetrics testing needs. Nick takes time to get to know his clients, understand their needs and provide excellent customer support. He thoroughly enjoys conversation, human interaction, and networking to enable personal and professional growth.

Outside of work, Nick is a family-first outdoorsman. He enjoys sports, especially baseball, camping, fishing, and nature. As a practicing Catholic, he uses his theological background to treat people with respect and full attention.

Contact Nick Bruck

US (910) 504-9193

Ryan Nixon - Business Development Manager

Ryan Nixon AIMA Business Development Manager Revenue Cycle Management Medical Billing

“AIMA is certainly not just any other RCM company. We’re a genuine partner to our clients. We strive to provide the best service in the industry and, in doing so, help companies grow and prosper.”

Meet Ryan

Ryan’s professional experience covers an impressive range of healthcare providers, including laboratories, hospitals, and physicians specializing in general surgery, vascular, plastic surgery, endocrinology, urology, internal medicine, and podiatry. Ryan is adaptable to working equally with operational colleagues and c-suite executives and is an amenable people person.

Skilled within territory, service development, and growth, his acumen benefits AIMA and our clients directly. Using his commercial understanding and grasp of profitability, Ryan helps clients and partners to understand and define the scope of the issues faced in their business, tailoring AIMA’s full suite of solutions to empower the organization to enact real change.

Ryan builds positive professional relationships with his AIMA clients, including Laboratories, Surgery Centers, Private Practices, Wellness Centers, and Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment Facilities. Internally, he is instrumental in analyzing and progressing our sales process, strategy, and organization.

Residing in South Florida, Ryan enjoys golfing, watersports, and attending NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA sporting events. He can often be found walking the many local beaches with his dog Ella.

Contact Ryan Nixon

US 201-835-4337

Meet our Customer Success Team

Here at AIMA, we invest in our customer’s success. So much so that we have a dedicated team who make it their reason for existence. We believe good customer relations significantly improve businesses’ likelihood of achieving goals, such as expanding operations, increasing revenue, and forging sustainable growth. Our customer success team is key to maintaining interactions that help your company meet its goals.

Once you partner with AIMA, you are appointed a dedicated Customer Success Manager- your in-house business champion, with experience and understanding of your healthcare sector. They get to know you, your business, and your unique success journey. By talking directly to customers, we determine trends and common pinch points to develop strategies and services to reduce friction and improve overall efficiency.

Peter Rooney - Customer Sucess Manager

Peter Rooney AIMA Customer Success Manager Revenue Cycle Management

Contact Peter Rooney

US (407) 216-6232

“My role at AIMA is to ensure our customers optimize our services to receive the highest ROI. I invest time in getting to know and educate, to effectively communicate with key stakeholders. I am the seamless conduit between AIMA’s internal and external teams. Every day my goal is to truly help people.”

Meet Peter

After serving on active duty as an officer in the United States Army, Peter began his career in the healthcare industry. He has worked for almost 30 years, specializing in Revenue Cycle Optimization for the last decade. Peter is a real asset to our team with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and contacts within the healthcare industry.

As Customer Success Manager, Peter builds strong relationships with our customers and monitors their experiences with AIMA’s products and services. He provides support to existing and prospective clients in maintaining and growing revenue, keeping them up-to-date with market insights and regulatory changes.

Peter lives in Central Virginia and is married with two children and two grandchildren. Family time is very important to him. For the last 20 years, Peter has volunteered as a financial coach and recently as a Certified Medicare Counselor with his local State Health Insurance Assistance Program.

Xhulja Mulla - Customer Success Manager

AIMA Xhulja Mulla Customer Success Manager Revenue Cycle Management Medical Billing

Contact Xhulja Mulla

(415) 231-2711

“Ultimately, my goal is to provide guidance and assistance for each of our clients to reach their maximum potential in a seamless way. Their success is our priority.”

Meet Xhulja

Graduating from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management and a minor in Healthcare Administration. Xhulja is a highly-competent team member with a skill set highlighting managerial expertise.

Her background in Revenue Cycle Management was for a behavioral management company dedicated to treating addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders, and mental health issues. Xhulja diligently executed the process of identifying, collecting, and managing the revenue from payers based on the services provided.

At AIMA, Xhulja’s customer base includes independent laboratories and physician-owned labs providing a range of bacterial and molecular testing.

She is based in sunny South Florida with her husband and young family. Outside work, Xhulja enjoys catching up with her book club, visiting the many beautiful beaches in the sunshine state, and sampling new restaurants.

Shanna Hebert - Customer Sucess Manager

Shanna Herbert RCm Medical Billing AIMA

Contact Shanna Hebert

US (415) 636-9449

“As a Customer Success Manager, my primary goal is to ensure that my clients receive the finest client experience by producing proactive solutions while continuously analyzing all aspects of the client’s RCM journey using AIMA’s products, services, and top-tier RCM resources.”

Meet Shanna

Shanna has over 15 years of end-to-end revenue cycle experience and is an RCM improvement, claims analysis, and workflow optimization expert. Over ten years of leadership roles overseeing revenue management, patient financial services, claims analysis, and cash applications. Her professional experience includes military health systems, non-profit health care systems, critical access hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, rural health clinics, and various specialties, including OBGYN, gastroenterology, primary care, pain management, orthopedic, internal medicine, and oral maxillofacial surgery.

Graduating with a BS in Healthcare Management from South University and an MBA from Columbia Southern University. Shanna is also a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) accredited by AAPC.

Shanna’s AIMA client base includes independent laboratories, physician-owned laboratories, urgent care clinics, and physician offices.

Originally from South Carolina, Shanna and her family now live in southeast Georgia. She loves spending quality time with my husband and two boys, visiting new restaurants, and cruising holidays in the Caribbean.

Tanya Aujla - Customer Success Manager

Tanya Aujla RCM Medical Billing Coding AIMA

Contact Tanya Aujla

(407) 409-7355

“I enjoy collaborating with clients and colleagues across the country and globally. My strong leadership and communication skills are used in this fabulous organization. There is nothing better than acquiring knowledge to grow personally and professionally.”

Meet Tanya

Tanya has a wealth of knowledge of medical and pharmacy billing processes. She joins AIMA with over 12+ year’s experience in a CPA-based financial consulting firm. Her advanced hospital and physician revenue cycle management knowledge covers several software applications, advanced project management, leadership, financial planning, and data analysis. Tanya graduated from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. She had the pleasure of working for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Committee, which was a wonderful experience for a big sports fan.

Outside work, Tanya spends time with her significant other and beautiful dogs in north Seattle, WA. The latter keeps her on her toes in the early hours! She loves to cook, enjoys a good jazz band, travel, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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