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For over 25 years, AIMA has served the needs of our customers, helping them to achieve commercial success. With over 500 global customers operating across several business sectors, we are immensely proud of our consistently positive feedback and testimonials. Here at AIMA, we have an individual customer approach.  Our dedicated account managers build a collaborative relationship with you to gain a unique understanding of your business, its challenges and most importantly, its opportunities. Your success is ultimately our success, and we love sharing your positive messages.

AIMA is massively helping us to scale up our COVID testing operations, effectively overnight. With their help, we can enter and audit the demographic data from 10,000 requisition forms into our LIS each day. They are extremely flexible to unpredictable demand and have adapted to our processes very quickly. They are our chosen billing partner, so we know what they bring to the table and trust them to get it right. We would highly recommend their data entry services.

COVID-19 Testing Laboratory

We have worked with AIMA for over 2 years and found their service to be outstanding, attentive and incredibly responsive.  We run a busy high-complexity laboratory, specializing in molecular biology, microbiology, genetics and toxicology services in Maryland.  They have been instrumental in helping us grow our revenue.  I would highly recommend them for any size company.

High Complexity Laboratory, Maryland

I would like to first of all thank you for all your hard work in the last 6+ months. I know this has been and uphill battle and honestly we are still fighting up the hill. Things have improved so much from our start in March to now that I can say I do not know of a company or team here in the USA that could touch what you do. The team's skills in medical coding, billing, and credentialing is unparalleled by any organization I have worked with...Again thank you to all the team and honestly this is just the beginning. I will be introducing other companies as well as my own primary care company to your services soon.

Portable Imaging Service, Montana

I would like to commend you on your diligent efforts to raise our multi plan payout rates to 85% over the last few months. You requested the time to get there and you have successfully done so and we wish to express our gratitude to you and your staff for your excellent work on this issue.

Clinical Testing Facility, Florida

I have been working closely with your department for the last several months. It has been an arduous process to implement an entire EMR with billing for our practice. We were only able to achieve this by working diligently with you. It has been a pleasure working with you to make the process come to fruition. We are very pleased with the final results.

Physician Practice

AIMA learned how to utilize our electronic medical record database and continued to develop new ways for us to better serve our patients. They are easily available and worked hard to accommodate our requirements. Not only have we educated AIMA on our processes but they have also taught our team as well. From simple questions to systematic change, the AIMA team were always there to help. We cannot thank them enough for the assistance they have given us throughout our time together

Cancer Care Center, Florida

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