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Coding compliance and accurate billing are central to the long-term success of any healthcare business. Don’t leave proper documentation and reimbursement to guesswork when you see patients, perform exams, and test samples. All too often, paperwork and billing become an overwhelming complex regulatory process, and a single misstep can mean lost revenue, fines, or worse. At AIMA, we adopt a holistic approach to compliance, evident throughout all we do. Not just a bolt-on, an after-thought, or an up-sell service. Compliance for all, always.

Compliance Medical Coding Billing Revenue Cycle Management AIMA

Why is compliance important in medical billing?

Compliance programs are required for every healthcare provider participating in CMS programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. It is a necessary part of revenue cycle management to help providers safeguard revenue by ensuring payor policies and regulations are followed, preventing clawbacks, audits, and legal proceedings.

AIMA’s approach and attitude towards compliance


Compliance in the healthcare industry is an ever-changing landscape. Our organizational dedication and commitment to our clients ensure we remain up-to-date and well-informed. While the Office of Inspector General (OIG) provides compliance guidance, it also acknowledges there is no “one size fits all” approach to compliance. We adopt the same policy. Here at AIMA, compliance support for clients is bespoke, based on the individual company’s needs and future requirements as they evolve.

  • Form and document development
  • Policy and procedure review
  • Consultation on state and federal regulations
  • Interpretation of payor guidelines
  • Assistance with payor recoupment responses
  • Audit of current billing, coding, and revenue cycle processes

Compliance Medical Coding Billing Revenue Cycle Management AIMA

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Our Healthcare Services Results Aided by Compliance Services

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How is AIMA's approach to compliance different from other medical billing and revenue cycle management provider?

Unlike other RCM companies, AIMA is not solely concerned with revenue collections. By contrast, we consider the complete revenue cycle and guarantee that claims submissions and processes are continually checked for compliance to safeguard the long-term revenue generated by our clients’ hard work.

Do compliance services benefit clients?


The compliance offering from AIMA protects our clients from potential clawbacks from payors by providing an accurate interpretation of payor guidelines and current regulations.

Our in-house team responsible for compliance is a separate RCM oversight function that ensures risk assessment processes remain focused. We automatically tackle challenges while demonstrating “reasonable diligence” in the era of the Medicare Overpayment Rule that requires proactive compliance auditing strategies.

We employ the highest caliber of trained and qualified compliance professionals who make it their duty to complete ongoing training, research, and development to remain at the cutting edge of compliance.

Compliance Medical Coding Billing Revenue Cycle Management AIMA

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