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AIMA provides total, proven and secure end-to-end healthcare services


AIMA’s experience in the legal sector provides the platform and infrastructure required

Resourcing and Infrastructure

AIMA can support brand new businesses with start up

Over 25 years AIMA has built a reputation, based on trust, quality, ethics and reliability. Consulting and support are at the heart of AIMA’s business, employing a globalized team of highly skilled professionals across four countries.

Our team enables AIMA’s clients the opportunity to custom build & design processes around their business.

We provide world class solutions in the following three key areas:-

  • Healthcare (with particular emphasis on Revenue Cycle Management)
  • Technology (Web & Software Development / Artificial Intelligence & Automation)
  • Resourcing & Infrastructure (Back office support)

AIMA recognizes that its most valuable asset is our people, AIMA strives for employee satisfaction, building and creating a highly skilled, happy and successful team and investing heavily in office facilities and infrastructure.

Operating a globalized business comes with excellent advantages, and an even greater responsibility to the social welfare of the communities we serve

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Florida based Cancer Center


AIMA learned how to utilize our electronic medical record database and continue to develop new and efficient ways for us to better serve our patients. They are easily available and worked to accommodate our schedule.

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Florida based cardiologist


It has been an arduous process to implement an entire EMR with billing for our practice. We were only able to achieve this by working diligently with you. It has been a pleasure working with you to make the process come to fruition. We are very pleased with the final results.  We look forward to working with you to meet the challenges that the next year will bring

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Montana based mobile imaging company


I would like to first of all thank you for all your hard work in the last 6+ months. Things have improved so much from our start in March, that I can say I do not know of a company or team here in the USA that could touch what you do. The team's skills in medical coding, billing, and credentialing is unparalleled by any organization I have worked with. Again thank you to all the team and honestly this is just the beginning. I will be introducing other companies as well as my own primary care company to your services soon.

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Florida based laboratory


I would like to commend you on your diligent efforts to raise our multi plan payout rates to 85% over the last few months. We wish to express our gratitude to you and your staff for your excellent work on this issue.