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Trust AIMA to transform your commercial operations and reduce overheads

Achieve a fully optimized healthcare business for a more profitable and efficient future. We focus on your sustained business growth, allowing you to focus on your patients. Our flexible and bespoke Revenue Cycle Management solutions deliver consistent results for solo and group physician practices, surgical centers and laboratories across the US. State of the art support services complements our total solution to achieve faster payments and a 25%+ increase in revenue.

Operating for 25 years, we know that working within the healthcare sector brings variable challenges. Whether your focus is maximizing reimbursements, managing growth, maintaining strict standards against industry benchmarks, or building patient service initiatives. Whatever your challenges, AIMA is here to help.

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We provide revenue cycle management expertise, services and technology to enable you to achieve your most vital financial performance goals. With in-depth experience at every stage of the revenue cycle, we offer scalable, strategic solutions explicitly tuned to the needs and challenges of healthcare business owners.

Here at AIMA, we have an individual customer approach.  Your dedicated account manager will build a long-standing collaborative relationship with you to gain a unique understanding of your business, its challenges and most importantly, its opportunities. We invest time and effort to help you succeed beyond only increasing revenue and cash flow. We work with you to develop plans for consolidating clinical and administrative systems, to integrate back-office operations which ultimately improve volumes, revenues and margins.

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AIMA Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Experts in revenue cycle management

Achieve your financial performance goals with optimized systems and expert teams. We have in-depth experience at every stage of the revenue cycle; our flexible, scalable strategic solutions are bespoke to the needs of healthcare business owners.

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AIMA Healthcare Technology Services

Market-leading technology solutions

Future-proof your business to retain a competitive edge with our broad range of advanced technologies. We use the latest innovations to streamline processing to achieve efficiency savings upwards of 60%. Whether you are developing a new client relationship management platform or automating your operations, AIMA provides a tailor-made solution perfect for your healthcare business.

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AIMA Resourcing and Infrastructure Services

Time-saving products and solutions

Optimize your entire healthcare business with resourcing and infrastructure services guaranteed to improve your end-to-end efficiency and productivity. Let us maximize your commercial growth with results-driven products and solutions to ease the everyday strain on your business, allowing you to focus on caring for your patients.

Why Choose AIMA?

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Over 25 years, AIMA has built a reputation based on trust, quality, ethics and reliability

Proven Results – AIMA customers achieve an average 25% increase in revenue, with 90% witnessing this within their first three months with us. Combine this with a regular 40% cost saving on financial overheads, and it is clear why our customer base is organically growing.

Affordable – We only bill our clients for what we collect, so from day one, we are invested in ensuring your business is fully optimized for sustainable healthy growth.

Customer Focus – Here at AIMA, we have an individual customer approach.  Your dedicated account manager will build a collaborative relationship with you to gain a unique understanding of your business, its challenges and most importantly, its opportunities. We offer a complimentary 24-hour back-up service of skilled, customer-focused teams.

360 Degree Service – We are a team of highly experienced revenue cycle managers and healthcare IT experts. AIMA help private physicians, group practices and laboratories with custom-built solutions to manage part or all of their revenue cycle management. Services include; medical coding; eligibility verification; medical claims submission; patient statement processing; claim denial review and appeals; patient billing questions and phone call management; claim follow up and financial reporting and tracking of key performance indicators.

Flexible  – Our teams are trained and certified on multiple practice management platforms including; Medgen, Kareo, GE centricity, Iridium Suite, PracticeFusion, IDX, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, Criterions, Labgen LIS and more. AIMA offers a wealth of experience and practical knowledge to our customers with unbias advice focussed on the best interests of your business.

Crystal Clear – Our dedicated AIMA account managers design bespoke, meaningful reports and dashboards optimized for your healthcare business.

Secure – AIMA guarantees maximum control over patient claims data allowing customizable views. All communication is via advanced HIPPA compliant encrypted IT platforms.

Automation – Our automated capabilities allow us to handle large claim volumes, ensuring a marked reduction in processing time and leading to faster claims processing cycle and workforce efficiency.

Trusted – With over 500 global customers operating across several business sectors, we are immensely proud of our consistently positive feedback and testimonials. Read our testimonials.

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