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Social Media Marketing Support

Social Media Marketing Support

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Do you know that more than half of the world now uses social media, with 69% of US adults active users. Today’s world has become increasingly ‘social’ accelerated by the ongoing global pandemic. Social media use has grown by more than 10% in 2020.

78% of American consumers said they regularly use social media to discover new products and services.

If you want to place your business in front of people and expand your customer base, social media marketing is a must for your healthcare business.

How can AIMA help?

When you regularly publish content through social media, you are allowing your audience to become familiar with your company. Without this regular content, you’ll struggle to get yourself in front of your audience frequently enough to convert them into paying customers.

It takes commitment and perseverance, but it pays off. Regular content such as helpful hints, information, blogs, and articles are great for demonstrating expertise and improving your search rankings.

AIMA’s social media marketing team is here to help you in this growing, and sometimes challenging area of marketing. We use digital expertise, low-cost solutions and a unique understanding of US healthcare to place your business in front of your target audience to expand your customer base.

We have developed a series of value for money social media marketing packages to serve healthcare business owners. To find out which package is right for you and your business, contact AIMA’s digital marketing team today.

Social media provides an endless opportunity to increase brand exposure

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To work out if social media marketing can help your business, ask yourself these fundamental questions:

  • Are you effectively using social media to increase your visibility to your existing and prospective customers and patients?
  • Do you have the time and expertise to create social media bespoke artwork, web-friendly copy and timely campaigns?
  • Are you fully discoverable? Do you know how to use keywords and understand the best use of tags, hashtags, and links?
  • Do have a clear call-to-action and make it easy for you to convert a prospect to a customer?
  • Are you a member of relevant online communities? Are you active in these groups to help generate business traffic?

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Visually impactful and well-planned social media marketing will guide your audience into your funnel

To find out which social media marketing support package is right for you and your business, contact AIMA’s digital marketing team today.

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