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Aaron Liston - Owner & Director

Privately educated in London, England and a graduate of Bournemouth University Business School with Honors, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from a number of business specialties to the company.

Aaron began his career in the IT sector working with IBM in London. This renowned world class organisation provided the foundations of Aaron’s business experience, exposing him to mid-market business requirements and large-scale operations.

In 2010 the opportunity arose for Aaron to enter the family business, becoming the second generation to enter the AIMA Group. Starting from the bottom up, Aaron worked on the operational side of the business in the USA, UK, Philippines, India and the Far East where he gained deep insight into cross-cultural management and building important and interconnected business networks. Aaron spent much of this time gaining a deep understanding of operational efficiency in process driven industries such as the healthcare, education and recruitment.

Aaron eventually took operational lead of the company in 2014 after four years working in the different areas of the business. It was from this point that AIMA started to diversify its operating model and customer base to the industries and service lines that we see AIMA working in today. Aaron saw great opportunity in the US healthcare sector and re-focused the organisation to quality driven administrative/business services support, drawing on AIMA’s business roots and contacts to aid the transition whilst tailoring the services offered to current market needs.

This strategy has proven very successful and resulted in year on year continued financial growth for the company. Such continued growth has led to a corresponding need to continually invest in the best and brightest people to take the company to new heights, with Aaron overseeing the growth of AIMA to where it stands now at a headcount of over 200 people.

As well as the US healthcare market, Aaron has been solely responsible for expanding AIMA’s operations into the international legal and general business services industries with great prospects for 2018 and beyond.

Patrick Richmond - VP Global Operations

Patrick is responsible for overseeing group operations across our locations, whilst supporting the senior management team to achieve new heights for the organization.

With a career spanning 13 years, Patrick qualified as a lawyer in 2008 and spent a number of years working in London. Following a brief period of traveling and working abroad in East Africa, Patrick diversified his education by completing his MBA from the University of Warwick, England.

Patrick brings a wealth of  experience to the team, joining us from the UK’s National Health Service where he dedicated his time to leading national quality improvement initiatives, project management and creating collaborative relationships with hospital trusts. As well as his legal experience Patrick retains 6 years experience in healthcare consulting, project management, strategic development and quality improvement.