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Our Mission

AIMA builds and implements efficient solutions for clients, operating across the sectors of healthcare, legal and general business. Our goal is to bridge the gap in our client's operations, to provide their processes with support, skilled resources and software that provide security and continuity within core operations.

Consulting and support are at the heart of AIMA's business, employing a globalized team of highly skilled professionals across four countries. Our team enables AIMA's clients the opportunity to custom build & design processes around their business. AIMA recognizes that its most valuable asset is our people, AIMA strives for employee satisfaction, to build and create a highly skilled, happy and successful team, investing heavily in office facilities and infrastructure.

Operating a globalized business comes with excellent advantages, and an even greater responsibility to the social welfare of the communities we serve. AIMA continues our giveback initiatives in two countries in 2017, and we look forward to expanding this across the entire organization in years to come.


AIMA Group is the parent company to our service lines, Cascade Revenue Management and AIMA Business & Medical Support LLC. AIMA utilizes a hub and spoke operating model, with a focus on providing infrastructure and support in the form of staffing, consulting and outsourcing to multiple industry sectors.

Over 25 years AIMA has built a reputation, based on trust, quality, ethics and reliability. This reputation has grown through the continued dedication to support our client's needs and aspirations first.


Despite where your business stands as of today, AIMA designs solutions that help you to achieve your objectives for growth and beyond. AIMA does not consult and leave, we stay for the long term, we implement change, increase efficiency and achievement.

In every facet of AIMA business, our operating model and ethos remain the same. In every industry, a solid foundation is key to success. AIMA will support your needs, adapting to your business, building staffing structures, providing consulting, and guarantee to provide a low cost/high quality expansion model and service.

Your success, is our success!

Operating Locations:

Ontario, Canada
New Hampshire, USA
Florida, USA
London, UK
Kerala, India
Makati City, Philippines